During a period of reflection, self-transformation, and with the undivided support of my wife, in 2010 I discovered my appreciation of the arts; beginning with photography art, and my desire to create it.
Behind the camera, I allow myself to be consumed by curiosity and open perception - aiming to capture subjects which combine ambiguity and exclusivity in a single exact moment. I'll sometimes also play around with mixed-media, aerosol, and digital illustration. My end-goal regardless of the medium is to create a piece that offers my personal interpretations while spreading awareness about issues we face in today's society.
Animal welfare - a cause of which I am most passionate - is routinely incorporated into my artwork to raise awareness, spread a message, or voice a concern. Proceeds from EVERY sale of my artwork are always applied towards purchases of food and/or supplies for local animal organizations in need. In 2012, I founded an annual group art show benefiting community-based animal shelters and rescues 

Lastly, a quick shout-out to some Vegas valley artists (You know who you are). You've always inspired me to keep creating and your continued support will never ever go unappreciated!
Thanks for stoppin' by...


Fight for Change.

100% proceeds from EVERY sale will be donated to Equal Justice Initiative.


Life Cube Las Vegas, 2014 - Photo by Paloma Solamente
Fight for Change. Designed by Mike Korn.
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